Our Journey

In 2018 my child was diagnosed with Autism and Learning Disability. At that time she was only two years old. It was interesting that I as parents had to push for her diagnosis. The nursery and health visitors were unsure, and it sometimes felt that we know more than them. After her diagnosis, the focus shifted to taking action. What do I need to do to help her achieve her best? Like any concerned parent would do I asked around for help. I was referred to dozens of books, courses, trainings and websites. I was asked to attend local drop in sessions and attend parent groups. I found that so overwhelming. At that time I had a long commute. While this didn’t make things easy, I got the time to read books and research material, which I would normally be unable to do. It took me nearly three years of research and learning to finally clear the fog and figure out what was useful information and what was just unnecessary noise.

Becoming Her Voice

Amidst all the chaos, I realised something crucial. That I had to be her voice. The knowledge I had gained started to become useful. I was finally able to ask intelligible questions and start to understand what school and professionals were actually saying. Alongside that I trained as a parent advocate and started to support other parents.

Questioning the Experts

As I delved deeper, I discovered that even professional advice could be questionable and sometimes even wrong. Then I discovered that due to budget cuts, some advice was given that was actually not in the complete benefit of the child. I started to see gate keeping and gas lighting. I started to see that the system was turning into one where only the loudest could be heard. Could it be that it had been like this since the start and I had only noticed it now? It was time to share what I’d learnt. I started helping other parents and guiding them through the maze. Initially, it was one-on-one sessions. Later I launched an info-blog to increase the reach of the help I was providing. I still keep it updated with new information added regularly.

Empowering Parents

But this wasn’t enough. I witnessed parents struggling, feeling helpless against a system meant to support them. I believe in empowered parents—those armed with knowledge, rights, and unwavering love. Parents who can change the trajectory of their child’s future. But it is not easy. The support out there is hard to access.

Introducing SENDSORTA

And so, SENDSORTA was born—a platform like no other. It’s not just an app, it a life line for SEND parents A place where parents learn, feel empowered and turn into the best advocates for their children. Together, we’ll navigate this journey, transforming challenges into triumphs.
Welcome to SENDSORTA—a platform fuelled by love, resilience, and the belief that every child deserves a brighter tomorrow.